What To Bring, What To Wear


If you’re camping and hire a bell tent you’ll have a hamper with cooking essentials, including plates and cutlery. You may want to bring mugs and glasses.

What to wear on the big day

The wedding party will be dressing smart; suits, shoes and dresses, please join us if you fancy it, but we are on a campsite so we’re not expecting top hats and tails (although feel free!). Please prioritise comfort and weatherproofing over your best suit. Be colourful, have fun, wear a cape if you want to, and make sure you have footwear that’ll handle a field and possible puddle.

Birthday suits discouraged.


This was a tough one as we know and love so many of your amazing kids, but there are a few too many of them and we’re afraid the campsite cannot accommodate everyone. Other than babes in arms, those coming from overseas, and family and god kids, we can’t invite children too. This one is just for the parents.



On Friday you’re responsible for your lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. There are plenty of barbecues on site for you to cook on, just bring sausages, beer, wine, gin, etc. The plan is for a relaxed pre-wedding party.

Saturday – Wedding Day

On the wedding day we will feed and water you!

There will be cereals, bread for toast and fruit for breakfast, and then afternoon drinks, a free bar, and a late afternoon lunch with meat, veggie and vegan options (take your pick of all on the day). There will be cake, there will be ice cream and there will be night-time munchies.

Warning… The main meal will not be served til around 4.30, if you are prone to becoming hangry, you may want to bring a snack or arrange to have lunch before the ceremony at 2.30. Let’s ward of any hungry, ceremony grumpiness if possible.


We have a food stall coming to the campsite from 11am, especially for you. The menu is as follows:

Rise & shine breakfast – Fried eggs, spicy bean & sweet potato stew, hash browns, sliced avocado, fresh tomato salsa, El Salsa Hot sauce & toast. £7.50
Meaty + 2 x Smoked bacon + £1.50
Vegan + sautéed mushrooms instead of the eggs.

Breakfast burrito – Fried egg, spicy bean & sweet potato stew, sliced avocado, fresh tomato salsa, cheddar cheese & El Salsa Hot sauce in a toasted tortilla wrap £5.50
Meaty +  Smoked bacon + £1
Vegan – sautéed mushrooms instead of the egg.

After that, you’ll need to source your own food, water, and hair of the dog for the day.